Corporate Training

We at ETROOT believe in delivering quality learning & development solutions having a direct and

measurable impact on key business performance indicators through our unique technology enabled

blended learning.

Any training solution is ineffective if it doesn’t impact your primary objective – your business out

comes, Knowledge index, Service quality to mention a few.

We Offer

  1. – Function and Product Training
  2. – Process Training
  3. – Behavioral Training
  4. – Leadership Development
  5. – Assessment and Need Analysis

Our eLearning tool Helps in

– Employee Onboarding

Provide your new employees with a comprehensive and personalized onboarding experience with

anytime-anywhere learning. Enable your new hires to be productive.

– Continuous Product & Process Training

Constantly train and upskill your distributed workforce with interactive and engaging bite-sized

content to achieve business goals.

– Real-time Communication

Use advanced and intuitive, real-time communication tools to communicate, collaborate and drive

meaningful discussions amongst your employees across geographies

– Employee Engagement Constantly ‘engage’ your workforce by making them part of each product/process-roll outs,announcements, news & updates- Integrated Learning Integrate various training delivery modes – self paced learning, classroom training, live virtual training& MOOCs thus enhancing the digital learning experience for learners.

Skill Training

A business sees success when its foundation is strong. The same goes for a nation. A nation becomes

strong only when its foundation, i.e., its youth is empowered. Empowerment is achieved when the right

set of skills are disseminated among the students at the right time.

With the pace at which competition is growing new avenues are opening their doors to welcome

enthusiast and motivated candidates towards it still the traditional approach for the selection of many of

the candidates take their step back from the ladder if their own dreams. Here in ETROOT we want

everyone to live their dream life which makes them dwell in the world happiness and satisfaction.

Programme Benefits:

– Extensive coverage of new initiatives.

– Competencies in areas like people & class room management

– Customized, blended learning on technical & soft skills

– Interactive learning pedagogy

– Experienced facilitators and contemporary content

Vocational Training

– Language Lab

– Interview Preparation

– Career interest in domain – technical & soft skills

– Creativity and Digital Aspects

– Self Defence and Physical Strengthening

– Outdoor games and training

Helping Hands:

– Education is taken near to all.

– Power is shared amongst all.

– Awareness and opportunity to all.

– Marketplace creation for all.

– Gifting smiles to all.

– Professional training for all.